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Hi Everyone,

We are excited to announce we have purchased a new way for the kids to receive their workouts for the day in the weight room. Gone are the days of paper. We have a new program called " teambuildr". The program allows me to send the kids their workout on their phones. It does a TON of cool things I will explain at the parent meeting in May. Right now, I just need the kids to stop by the weight room and sign up to receive an email which will allow them to get the app they need to put on their phone. Please have your player come to the weight room (see Calendar) one day ASAP to get started on the new and improved way we will be communicating their workout. When they get to the weight room, one of the coaches will show them what needs to be done to make this happen. If I can figure it out, anyone can. Believe me.

On a side note, weight room attendance has been poor to say the least. Only 6-10 kids have been consistent this winter and spring. We want to continue to grow our program and need the kids in there so they can reach not only their football potential but be better athletes for their other sports as well. Please encourage your son to come as much as possible. If your son is with another sport that is fantastic as we also know we have to share athletes. Many of the coaches are flexible and will allow their players to lift when possible. Another key thing about teambuildr is that any kid can look on their phone and see the days workout they are supposed to do. When practice is over, they could actually do that workout from home or the YMCA, punch in their numbers, and we can still track their progress in a more flexible manner that works for everyone. We are excited to see our numbers increase this spring.


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