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College Credit Plus



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Steps to getting signed up!
What is my SSID number?
Your SSID number is your statewide student identifier. 
This can be found on any copy of your transcript.

What is the school's ETS code?

Bethel's ETS Code is 364-990


1. Attend College Credit Plus Information Night
  • Required by law (Rule 3333-1-65.211)
  • Held at Bethel in January & November
  • Colleges represented: Edison State Community College and Sinclair Community College

           Bethel Powerpoint (Parent Meeting 01-30-20)
2. Submit Letter of Intent
  • April 1st Deadline to participate for the following school year
  • Letter will be obtained at Janurary 30th meeting
  • If the meeting is missed, you must meet with your counselor for a review of the information and to receive the Intent Letter


3. Complete Online Application (see below if you are a continuing CCP student):
                 Sinclair Application
                 Sinclair College Authorization form
                 Edison College Application
                 Edison Bookstore Information
4. Students will receive an email once they apply with further directions 
  • Students must only apply to colleges one time during high school. Students who have taken courses in the past do not have to reapply. Students will need to register courses by deadlines to participate. See respective colleges for deadline information.
  • Students interested in Dual Enrollment need only apply to Edison State Community College if they have not previously applied. In addition, students must be careful to request the Edison State Community College course when completing the on-line scheduler for their Bethel HS schedule.

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