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Elementary Welcome Message

elemschoolphotoParents and Community Members of Bethel,

Bethel Elementary School welcomes you to our unique school, where we strive to create an atmosphere that allows for everyone to grow and be recognized for their efforts  Our school is known for fostering an engaging and caring environment where parents, staff, and community members work together to make the experiences for our children into moments they cherish.  Our main focus is to continue the academic excellence that Bethel Local Schools has accomplished over the course of time within this exemplary district and community.


We pride ourselves in offering kids opportunities that help to mold a well-rounded child as they continue to explore their talents in the areas of academic, social, emotional, athletic, and artistic growth.  Kids are challenged through their involvement with our elementary choirs, the Math Pentathlon Club, Accelerated Reading, Rocket Math, our Student Council and the gifted program, just to name a few.  Our school also works closely with experiences that our community athletic teams and clubs host throughout the school year, often times holding their meetings, practices or games right here on the school campus or district athletic fields.


Through the incorporation of the “Bethel High Five” set of expectations, we continuously stress the characteristics that form an outstanding student and person that everyone can appreciate.  Through a school-wide focus, we encourage, highlight, and strengthen the following expectations:


“BEE” Respectful – “BEE” Responsible – “BEE” Safe – “BEE” Helpful – “BEE” Ready to Learn


We encourage you to become involved with your child’s education at our school through the PTO, becoming a volunteer, helping to chaperone fieldtrips, or serving as a party planner for your child’s classroom.  Of course, the best way to stay actively involved on a daily basis is to ask your child about their school day and what they learned in their classes.  Students should be able to tell you what their “I CAN” statements, learning targets or essential questions were during their instructional day.


Rest assured, the dedicated staff comes to school inspired to do what is possible to meet the needs of our students.   We embrace the mission of educating and strengthening the lives of your children. Making the conscious decision to embark on a career in education is an endeavor each of us take to heart both professionally and personally.  We love being part of this community and witnessing how far each child grows during their time with us. Together, with the support of our entire community, we can help our kids become all that they are meant to be in life! We look forward to working with you throughout your time at Bethel Elementary School as we dedicate our time to children and their overall development.


Devoted to your children,

 Jodi L. Petty




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