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National Honor Society

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The Bethel High School Chapter of National Honor Society is under the sponsorship and supervision of the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP). The local BHS Chapter conforms to the constitution and recommended selection procedure in the National Honor Society Handbook.


Selection of students for membership in the BHS National Honor Society is the responsibility of the National Honor Society Faculty Council. The faculty council consists of 5 faculty members appointed by the principal, and the chapter advisor who is a non-voting member. The following procedure is used in the BHS selection process:


1. Juniors and Seniors academic records are reviewed to determine scholastic eligibility. A 3.4 and above grade point average is the criterion for eligibility at BHS. The student must be in the Bethel district for one semester.


2. Students who are eligible scholastically receive written notification.


3. Candidates for consideration are given the opportunity to complete the Student Activity Information Form. This is not an application. This form gives the candidate the opportunity to provide the selection committee with information about their school and community activities. Students that do not complete the form are still eligible and are considered for selection.


4. Each BHS faculty member is given a National Honor Society Rating Sheet. Utilizing a 4-point scale, the faculty member rates the students they have contact with in class or through extra-curricular activity in the areas of character, leadership and service. The rating sheets are tabulated and each student receives an average score for character, leadership and service.


5. The National Honor Society Faculty Council reviews each candidates Faculty Rating Sheet average and Student Activity Information Sheet to determine the final selection. 6. Parents will be notified and invited to the induction ceremony. New members will be notified of selection during school at the induction ceremony.



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