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Bethel Local Schools Board of Education Meetings

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Regular meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. the second Monday of each month unless dates are
changed because of scheduling conflicts or holidays. S
pecial meetings and committee meetings
are scheduled as needed, with the announcements made at the regular Board Meeting, or to the
press at least 24 hours in advance.  
Meetings are normally held in the Auditorium of the
Elementary Building.

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“Educate with excellence....”


        Executive Sessions - Sometimes we leave during our meetings to hold a private discussion. These discussions are called executive
        sessions and are permitted by Ohio law.  Ohio law allows us to discuss personnel matters, property purchases, possible legal action,
        employee negotiations, security arrangements and items the law says must be kept confidential. Executive sessions are for discussion
        purposes only. All voting must be done in public.

Our purpose and function as your elected officials:

Be responsible to the citizens and students of the school district.

Select and evaluate the superintendent and treasurer.

Serve as the school district policy-making body.

Consider recommendations of the superintendent regarding policy, personnel, curriculum and other matters.

Adopt annual appropriations.

Help secure money for school operating needs and building programs.

Oversee and approve expenditures of public funds.

Provide for the transportation of children to public private and parochial schools.

Inform the public about the progress and needs of the school.

Determine the district’s educational standards and goals, and evaluate its effectiveness

       We welcome community members, employees and all the public at all regular and special Board meetings and therefore designate
       the hearing of the public on our agenda by law, for your participation. In order to conduct a meeting, in which the business of the district
       may be accomplished, the following guidelines shall govern: 
        The president of the Board may grant permission to citizens to address the Board for not more than five minutes on any subject that is on the agenda.

All new subjects presented by citizens shall be referred for study to the appropriate person(s) and reported for consideration by the Board
at its next regularly scheduled meeting.

The Board reserves the right by majority vote to extend, by a specified amount, the speaking time of any citizen.

The Board of Education will not hear personal complaints involving school personnel during the public hearing. 

Persons addressing the Board are to be reminded that members of the Board are without authority to act independently as individuals. Therefore, answers may be deferred to a subsequent meeting.

The President of the board will be responsible for recognizing all speakers, who shall properly identify themselves; for maintaining
proper order; for obtaining adherence to anytime limits set; and for terminating discussions when necessary.


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