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Mission Statements

Bethel Local Schools Mission Statement

The mission of Bethel Local Schools is to educate with excellence, inspiring each student to become a responsible, contributing citizen in local and world communities.

Elementary School Mission Statement

The mission of bethel elementary school is to develop strong academic and interpersonal skills within a quality learning environment, enabling students to become responsible and respectful life-long learners.

  • We believe all actions shall be based on what is best for the student.
  • We believe that each student can learn and be successful.
  • We believe educational excellence requires an active partnership among students, staff, parents, business and community.
  • We believe a diverse and challenging curriculum is essential to meet the individual needs of each student.
  • We believe the school shall provide a safe, caring and healthy environment.
  • We believe the school community shall encourage and support students in developing their goals and creating a positive vision for their future.
  • We believe learning encompasses intellectual, physical, social, cultural and emotional growth.
  • We believe individual and cultural diversity must be recognized and respected.
  • We believe learning is a lifelong process.

Bethel Middle School and High School Mission Statement

The mission statement of Bethel Middle School and High School is to promote the intellectual, social, physical, and creative development of all students as well as to encourage development of responsible behavior. Also to graduate motivated citizens prepared for post-high education and careers with an attitude of respect and tolerance toward diversity.



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