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Welcome To Bethel Middle School

Welcome to Bethel Middle School!


Bethel Middle School is a grade 6 - 8 building that strives to bridge the years between an elementary student and a high school student.  While our main focus is to continue to build and expand on the foundations of strong literacy, mathematics, science and social studies, we also want to provide opportunities for the whole student to grow.  We introduce students to the arts, school-based athletics, musicals, and clubs. Students have the opportunity to explore computer technology classes, graphic arts, robotics, design and modeling, coding, and multimedia classes in an effort to expose the students to various career paths.  The 8th grade students have the opportunity to earn high school credits in Spanish 1, Algebra, and High School Physical Education.


Bethel Middle School strives to include 21st Century Learning skills and designs into the daily instruction which allows students to develop the skills needed in a constantly changing modern workforce.  The 6 pillars of 21st century learning skills are collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, civic responsibility, global connectedness, and entrepreneurial competitiveness. Teachers implement the pillars through project-based learning units and student-centered activities.  


In order to develop the whole student, Bethel Middle School also works to integrate social-emotional learning skills and skills for students to function and learn independently.  Students attend a 20 minute advisory period daily where they can work with a trusted staff member to develop and grow these skills.  


Using these strategies and techniques will allow for the student to grow into effective high school students who are ready for the challenges beyond the k-12 years!




Tim Zigler, Principal




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